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Video: a behind-the-scenes look at a successful grassroots campaign


How we helped save a piece of Portuguese natural beauty in only four weeks. Watch the video to learn more about the campaign.

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Successful activism works like this


A post-mortem of a recent, local campaign we worked on to save a piece of Portugal’s natural beauty from private development.

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My Carnation Revolution will always be like this


The courage of Portugal's April 25th Captains is the same courage we need today to bring real democracy everywhere across Europe.

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Stand as a candidate for one of our National Collectives


Apply before 24 January to stand as a candidate for one of our National Collectives in Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Turkey or Spain.

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Protestors in Portugal: „The city is for those who live in it, not for profit“


DiEM25 members participated in a protest in Lisbon in collaboration with Acção pela Habitação on the lack of access to decent housing.

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Portogallo: La Solidarietà Necessaria per i Migranti 


“La salvaguardia di vite umane è a rischio”   Come DiEM25 promuoviamo l’idea di un’Europa aperta, riconoscendo confini e barriere come ...

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Portugal’s left-leaning economic recovery


Portugal is on the path to solid economic recovery, but the structural flaws of the Eurozone, that contributed heavily to the country's crisis ...

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