MERA25 Policy Programme – For Vision and Responsibility

Social Security. A Green New Deal. Peace.

  • We exist to fight for social security. Our plan guarantees all people a secure pension, access to affordable housing, access to excellent healthcare, a fair distribution of health care and the right to work.
  • We exist to fight for a Green New Deal. With massive investments in the economy, energy, mobility systems, the construction sector and agriculture, we want to create millions of good and secure jobs. Our goal is climate neutrality by 2030.
  • We exist to fight for peace and global justice. We aim to break the cycle of arms buildup and surveillance, decriminalise migration and end the exploitation and oppression of the Global South.

In one sentence: We are fighting for the return of vision and responsibility.

Real Democracy and Shared Prosperity

This includes addressing the biggest questions of our time: Who gets to decide and own? And who does not?

This begins with the European Union. Entire policy areas are now largely removed from democracy by being declared “apolitical”, “purely technical” or “neutral”. We are fighting against depoliticisation and for a united, democratic Europe. Because Europe must be democratised or it will disintegrate!

But real democracy and shared prosperity do not end at the doors of parliaments. It must also apply to the economy: One person, one vote. We want to democratise common goods and share social prosperity fairly. In a diverse society, we guarantee all people a safe and dignified life.

Realistic, Rebellious, Radical.

Our goals are realistic, rebellious and radical. They are more fundamental than the visionless and irresponsible policy of taking baby steps. They go beyond the usual proposals, because they are not enough.

But our goals are not only more fundamental, they also breathe a new, fresh spirit – because our heart beats European and internationalist. We are an inseparable part of the European DiEM25 movement and Progressive International.

With this programme, we are laying the foundations for our work. Nothing in it should be irrevocable: except the attitude that underpins it. We want to continue to listen, learn and discuss – with you!

This programme is just the beginning.

Here you can find MERA25’s policy programme “For vision and responsibility”: