A global movement with the strength to win

Through DiEM25, we are a member of the Progressive International (PI) – a global movement that unites, organises and mobilises progressive forces.

In every country, on every continent, the rich and powerful are plunging us into existential crises. But while the rulers around the world unite, the forces of progress remain fragmented. Our choice is internationalism – or extinction.

The Progressive International unites, organises and mobilises progressive forces into a global movement strong enough to fight and win. Against imperialism in all its forms – whether war, sanctions or resource depletion.

  • For a good life, without hunger and hardship, in harmony with all beings on the planet.
  • For an intersectional internationalism. Oppression in the global economy is multi-layered. It demands that we unite struggles for food, land, dignity and liberation.
  • For a feminist internationalism. We want to break with patriarchy and break through the division of the sexes, because this is what makes male domination possible in the first place.
  • For a policy of care, cooperation and responsibility.

We ally ourselves with progressive forces worldwide to jointly defend humanity and the planet – and to bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice.