Transparent Finances

Transparent finances are very important to us, which is why we publish our financial reports here and fulfil the following paragraph of our articles of association:

  • 21 Publication

(1) Donations from a donor whose total value exceeds 10,000 euros per year must be listed in the publicly accessible statement of accounts, stating the name and address of the donor.

(2) All individual donations in excess of 1,000 euros will be published immediately, stating the donor’s name, the amount and, if applicable, the intended use.

List of our annual reports

List of all individual donations to MERA25 over 1,000 euros


Date Donor name Total in euros Purpose
04.02.2022 Dr. Martin Stenzel €1,200 Flyers, posters, travel expenses and room hire
11.03.2024 Joep van Dijk €3,000 Flyers and posters
15.03.2024 Judith Meyer €3,200 Flyers and posters