Together for Peace, Freedom and Solidarity

Enough is enough: Vote MERA25 in the European elections on 9 June 2024!

For a new solidarity! 

We did it! MERA25, a radical progressive internationalist party will be on the ballot paper in Germany in the 2024 European elections. Many, many thanks to all the people who have supported us. Now it's just getting started! Only through our joint efforts will we make a difference, so order material now to support us.

Order material for the election campaign

We have no sponsors or financiers behind us, but are financed exclusively from small individual donations. We want to print posters and flyers for our election campaign. Every small and large donation helps!

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Do you want to actively support us locally? Get in touch at [email protected] and join us! Here you can find our local groups, we want to fill blank spots on the map with you!

What we are fighting for everywhere in Europe

We are committed to peace, a universal living income, green change paid for by the rich and equal rights for all people.

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Our candidates

There are no professional politicians on our list for the EU elections. Anyone running for MERA25 knows everyday life in Germany.

1. Karin De Rigo

Purchasing Agent in Berlin

2. Johannes Fehr

Industrial Engineer in Berlin

3. Ismini Alexaki

Biologist in Saxony

4. Vincent Welsch

Apprentice in Hesse

5. Antonia Milbert

Agricultural Engineer in Brandenburg

6. Konstantinos Tselios

Student in Baden-Württemberg

7. Judith Meyer

Computational Linguist in Berlin

8. Grigoris Koutsogkilas

Production mechanic in Baden-Württemberg

9. Faraz Baghaei

Film and Theatre Director in North Rhine-Westphalia

10. Luca Di Bernardo

Cultural Manager in Hamburg

Vote for our candidates in the EU elections on 9 June 2024, because it's time we said loud and clear: enough is enough!