10+1 Goals from our Policy Program

Realistic, Rebellious, Radical

Public Spending

Abolish the debt brake

The debt brake benefits the rich, but harms the middle class, the poor and the planet. It prevents important spending on social security, investment and climate protection. It is time to free ourselves from this outdated instrument and focus on a modern, enabling monetary policy.

Green New Deal

Good jobs & climate neutrality by 2030

Our Green New Deal is an investment package for shared prosperity, first-class infrastructure and climate neutrality by 2030. It contains billions in aid for households and the economy so that good, secure jobs can finally be created again and Germany can be climate neutral by 2030. Municipalities and citizens' assemblies should decide on the exact distribution of funds.


An unconditional pension guarantee

The pension system needs a fresh start. Instead of false promises, we need an unconditional pension guarantee that is fully secured by the state budget. The state should guarantee everyone enough pension for a good life in old age - regardless of pension points, income and years worked.


More money for social and service professions

Social and service professions, in which significantly more women than men are employed, are paid less than technical professions, for example. It is time to significantly increase and equalise salaries in health care, nursing, sales, education, cleaning and gastronomy from the start of training.


Vaccination offer for the entire world population

To protect lives and prevent further mutations of the coronavirus, the entire world population must be offered a vaccine. We are fighting for the release of vaccine patents and a comprehensive transfer of expertise for all stages of production.


Abolish Frontex

Thousands of people drown in the Mediterranean every year. The European Border and Coast Guard Agency "Frontex" is part of the problem and not the solution. Instead of protecting lives, Frontex is involved in numerous human rights violations. We must abolish Frontex and replace it with safe escape and migration options that welcome migrants and protect rights.


Introduce a four-day workweek

Our society is productive enough to enable everyone to have a life outside of work. We are fighting for the four-day workweek! The world will not end if we work one day less - on the contrary, we will be happier, healthier and freer.

Right to Work

A state job guarantee

In many areas of Germany and Europe, there are no jobs or no good jobs. That is why we want to introduce a state job guarantee. It will offer everyone a well-paid and meaningful job on request. The jobs should not be in competition with the private sector, but should be created in socially meaningful areas such as care work, the maintenance of ecosystems, social work, culture and popular sport.


Universal basic dividend

It is not shareholders who produce wealth, but workers, the self-employed, employees and users. Our enormous wealth must no longer be siphoned off and privatised by individuals, but must flow back to us all - by means of a universal basic dividend, financed from the dividends of large companies.


Expropriate large real estate companies

In many cities, rents are rising faster than incomes. This is not only due to a lack of housing supply, but also because large property companies are trying to maximise their profits. Speculation with housing must be stopped. This requires the municipalisation of large housing groups.


For a constituent assembly

Today's EU is profoundly undemocratic. All important policy areas have been deliberately removed from the democratic process. As a result, Europe is being ground down between an authoritarian establishment and the hatred of the ultra-right. We must democratise the EU and write a constitution together with all European citizens. It must replace the current European treaties and remove all the rules that enable injustices and destroy our future.

We are fighting for the return of vision and responsibility in German politics.

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