MERA25: A New Party for Radical Change


For years, the number of people whose everyday lives are characterised by fears of decline and a bleak future has been on the rise. Wages are stagnating and many people are affected by exploitation and discrimination. At the same time, our planet continues to get hotter with floods, droughts and forest fires on the rise. The powerful in politics and business are jeopardising our livelihoods.

Radically different policies are needed to change this. That’s what we’re doing – with MERA25.

Our goals:

Realistic – realisable, concrete and science-based.

Rebellious – we are not satisfied with the status quo and consistently stand up for the interests of the many.

Radical – we want real system change that gets to the root of the problems. Economically and socially.


Together We Can Do It

We are part of the pan-European democracy movement DiEM25 and stand for social security and a Green New Deal, for real democracy, global justice and a free and open Europe.

In concrete terms, this means:

  • Prosperity for All — first-class education, good jobs, affordable housing, standardised state healthcare, a decent pension and a universal basic dividend.
  • Europe for Peace, Social Cohesion and Solidarity
  • Departure from the Prevailing Market Ideology, Black Zero and Fossil Industrialism — we want a responsible state that takes a long-term approach to the challenges of our time and makes important investments in the future – for people and the environment.

We have 10 + 1 Goals.

Change never comes from above. It comes when people stand up and say: “Enough is enough!” When we start to overcome our powerlessness, we start to win. Are you with me?