The movement and party in Germany are coordinated by our coordination team. Here you can find your contact persons for federal and state levels.

Federal Coordination Team

  • Julijana Zita – Board member, Spokesperson
  • Johannes Fehr – Board member, Public Relations
  • Karin De Rigo – Board member, Lead Candidate for the EU Elections
  • Luca Di Bernardo – Board member, Treasurer
  • Marie-Olivia Badarne – Board member, Editorial Office
  • Judith Meyer – Coordination, IT
  • Vincent Welsch – Coordination, Programme
  • Antonia Milbert – Coordination, Editorial Office
  • Jochen Schult – Coordination, MERA25 Greece

Supported by

  • Kinza Saleem – Communication Coordination of MERA25 and DiEM25 in Germany
  • Alice Morel – Organisation of MERA25 and DiEM25 in Berlin

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Contacts at State Level

We are also working on building up the organisation at the state level with the aim of establishing state associations.

Of course we are also active in various cities!

→ Become active locally here: Link.

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