The EU must be democratised – or it will disintegrate

We are part of the European movement, Democracy in Europe 2025 (DiEM25). We believe the European Union is falling apart. It will only survive if it is finally democratised.

The current structure of the EU mainly serves the rich and powerful. We want to replace it with a union of all European countries under an independent parliament – based on a constitution that protects all Europeans as equal citizens and ensures their well-being and happiness.

To achieve this, we need to be honest about who is standing in our way. We cannot expect the solution to come from the political elites who prioritise their own profits over the well-being of Europeans.

Together with our comrades from all over Europe, we want to democratise the EU. Abandoning the European project and returning to separate nations is not an option for us. The climate, economic and coronavirus crises have proven what we already knew: real solutions for the many can only come if we join forces across borders.

This is the mission of DiEM25: a coordinated effort, across Europe, to unite like-minded citizens and gain enough power to save the EU from itself. Because the EU must be united or it will perish.

Now is our time!