Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the questions we receive most frequently.

All DiEM25 parties bear the name MERA25 in order to present a united front across Europe. The word “diem” (as in the proverb “Carpe diem”) means “day” in Latin and “mera” is the same in Greek.

DiEM25 is a movement, MERA25 is a party (or one party per country; European law does not yet provide for the possibility of registering a party on a transnational basis), and the Progressive International is a global association of many very different left-wing movements, parties, associations, trade unions and media.

European, local and national. Activists from all over Europe work together virtually at DiEM25. Locally, we meet in local groups. Working groups take care of the content and organisational work. Participate!

  1. Our fundamental thinking. We have the courage to ask the big questions and provide rebellious, radical and realistic answers.

  2. Expertise in content. Our working groups are inquisitive and keen to discuss. They know the details without getting lost in them. Find out how you can help.
  3. Our European and internationalist roots. We are closely connected with our comrades in Europe and around the world to fight together for democracy and shared, sustainable prosperity.

  • We want to guarantee you a job in your city or town. Fair pay, full or part-time, no application necessary.

  • We want to guarantee you a secure, good pension so that you are protected in old age.
  • We want to guarantee you an affordable, secure flat. Without rising rents and without owner-occupancy cancellations.

Read more about us and discover our programme.

We believe that the state has many more financial opportunities than are currently being utilised. An outdated, false image of our monetary system prevents us from properly tackling major problems such as the housing shortage, low pensions or the climate crisis, and we want to use a modern, enabling monetary policy to realise our political goals. We are facing major challenges – but a shortage of money is not one of them.

Here you can find out more about our money and spending policy.

You can either simply come to a meeting – you can find all the dates here. Or you can find out how you can join us here. We look forward to seeing you!

Either with you on site, or in terms of content or organisation.

Here you can donate via PayPal, credit card and bank transfer.You can also donate directly to the following bank account: Credit institution: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank Bochum
Kontoinhaber: MERA25
IBAN: DE78430609676006204300

Yes, we will be happy to issue you with a donation receipt, please contact us at [email protected]. You can declare amounts up to €200 in your tax return without a receipt.

With your donations we can order materials, pay for room hire, reimburse travel costs and buy software. In the medium term, we also want to set up a small office team to support volunteers, and once a year we prepare a financial report in which income and expenditure are listed transparently. Please support us with a donation if you can.

We will be happy to help you at [email protected]!