How to Register to Vote at the European Elections 2024

Du bist Deutsche:r? Hier lang bitte!

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The EU Parliament is not elected as one entity. Instead, the voting process, the rules, the parties and the candidates are different in each country and the result is a patchwork. This means that as an EU citizen living outside your home country, you have to choose whether you want to vote for a party running in your home country or a party running in Germany. If you disagree with the big parties, voting in Germany could be an opportunity, because here parties only need ca. 0.6% in order to win a seat in the EU Parliament. (Please consider voting for our party MERA25, because almost every other German party, including LINKE, has called to outlaw Palestinian organisations in Germany.)

If you want to vote-from-abroad for your home country, please check the website of your consulate for instructions. This guide is only about voting as an EU citizen in Germany.

In Germany, there will be voting booths within a 15 minute walk from your home, so it is very convenient to cast your vote. In order to use one of these voting booths, you need an invitation-to-vote, which will arrive by mail a few weeks before the election. And in order to receive this invitation-to-vote, you have to be on the voter list.

How to register to be on the voter list

Fill out the provided form or download it from and print it. This form cannot be filled out online; it has to be filled out on paper and then snail-mailed to your local voting office (called Wahlamt or Wahlbüro) before May 19. If you live in Berlin, you can mail it to:

Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin
– Bezirkswahlamt –
Müllerstraße 146
13353 Berlin

Notes on filling out the form

(2) Address of the voting office (same as above), followed by: last name, maiden name (if any), first name, gender, birth date, place of birth
(3) Choose [ ] valid ID or [ ] Passport for identification. Put the ID or passport number, date it was issued, authority that issued it, skip the part about renewal (“verlängert”) unless your passport says it was renewed, put your email for any questions.
(5) Citizenship (must be a member state of the EU; if you only have a refugee passport or UK passport you are not eligible to vote in the EU elections)
(6) The German address at which you are registered
(7) Leave any of these blank if unsure: if you previously voted in your country of origin or were on the voter list there, put the voting district in the right-most field, and the left and middle field are for the time frame during which you were registered to vote there. The next line is when you left and where you moved to.
(8) Additional information to allow your country of origin to identify you in their voter lists. This differs by country:
– Austria, Croatia, Czechia, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Slovakia: leave blank
– Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania: national ID number (fill this in even if it’s the same as (3)
– Bulgaria: ID number, 10-digit personal identification number
– Cyprus: national ID number, voting number
– Greece: name of father and mother
– Poland: national ID number and name of father and mother
– Portugal: national ID number, voting number, and name of father and mother
– Slovenia: 13-digit personal registration number
– Spain: national ID number and second last name
– Sweden: 12-digit personal registration number

The day of election is June 9th, 2024. You affirm under oath all of the following:

(9) [ ] you are at least 16 years old [ ] you will be 16 years old on that day
[ ] you have not been barred from voting in your country of origin (e.g. mentally ill or criminal people may have lost the right to vote)
(10) [ ] on the day of election, you will have lived in Germany or another EU country for at least 3 months.
(11) [ ] no double voting: you will not vote in this election in another EU member state and you are not filling out this form a second time
(12) [ ] you declare that you are aware that, if this form is approved, you will automatically be registered to vote in the EU elections 2029 in Germany (there is a separate form for requesting to be removed from the voter register)
(13) You are aware that it is a crime to try to acquire the right the vote under false pretences, e.g. by putting in wrong data in this form or by failing to inform the German authorities if any of the prerequisites change before the day of the elections, e.g. if you no longer live in Germany, if you lose citizenship, lose your right to vote or similar. Put today’s date and your signature. Double-check that you put the right year!
(14) Only if you didn’t fill out the form yourself, the person who filled it out has to sign as well, thereby taking an oath that they filled it out to according to your instructions and that they believe all information to be correct.

Do not fill out anything on the second page or back side of the form! This is for internal use by the administration. You also do not have to do anything with the two pages of German explanation, which is essentially the same as this but in more bureaucratic language.

This guide is provided by MERA25 ( No guarantees – in case of doubt, read the German or ask the friendly people at your nearest Wahlamt / Wahlbüro.

Print & share this guide with your friends