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Italy’s PM Mario Draghi isn’t fighting poverty — he’s making it worse


On 19 March, Mario Draghi held a press conference at Palazzo Chigi to present a bill containing the highest tax amnesty in the last five years.

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Is it really in the interest of Irish citizens to defend the Apple tax?


The wealth brought by multinationals has not benefited Irish citizens due to the staunch refusal to implement redistribution policies.

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Multinationals, how much do they pay and where? A call for transparency


European leadership on public country-by-country reporting could fix the environment of secrecy and abuse in the tax practices of multinationals.

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Coronavirus crisis shows our collective failure to tackle tax evasion


There is a dramatic human cost to tax evasion and tax avoidance. Bolstering our public services starts with fighting tax evasion more promptly ...

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The Eurogroup fails Europe once again. Brace for a hideous EU recession


Once again, the Eurogroup proved itself to be, not just dysfunctional, but a clear and present danger for Europeans.

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