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Great Firewall of Europe forming under Russia pretext


The Ukraine war is being used as a pretext to block political content, which is certain to be exploited for wider reaching censorship.

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No offence


Generating offence is a weapon of the Establishment – and they’re using it on you. Here’s how to fight back.

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Should we do anything about lies on the internet?


Mehran Khalili, adviser to DiEM25, writes about censorship, misinformation, and the Establishment vs Joe Rogan.

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No-Platforming: A right-wing means for undermining progressive ends


Let's change the course of culture-warfare, away from a barren territory and back to a more creative arena, free of censorship.

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Against “de-platforming” and other stunts


We cannot allow the stifling of criticism, so that a few media activists insist on describing the current protests in strictly cultural terms.

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