Cultural Vision

We recognise that culture, in all its forms of expression through art, music, thought, and sport, can be a powerful instrument of change.

We see culture as a necessarily participatory and inclusive means of social transformation. mέta, our Centre for Post-capitalist Civilisation, is the international arts and culture platform of DiEM25 and our MERA25 parties. Through art and research, argument and poetry, mέta strives to help society to break with our present and imagine the world anew. With DiEM25’s ideas and mission at the forefront, mέta formulates a vision for a postcapitalist future via the medium of arts, and by becoming a platform for performances, campaigns and conversations. Our vision calls for an Europe that is:

  • Cultured, valuing our multitude of cultures, and promoting not only our invaluable cultural heritage, but also the work of dissident artists, musicians, writers and poets.
  • Internationalist, treating non-Europeans with full respect and working in active solidarity with exploited people across the world.
  • United, with solidarity as strong across nations as it is within them.
  • Pluralist, proud of its regions, ethnicities, nations, languages, philosophies and cultures – allowing us to be, at the same time, European and patriotic.
  • Diverse, celebrating differences and ending every discrimination based on social class, education, gender, skin colour, age, nationality, ideology, faith, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Transnational, with political representation transcending national borders.