Would you like to help coordinate our movement? Candidacies are open!

Six posts in DiEM25’s Coordinating Collective are up for elections and you can play a role coordinating our movement across Europe.

The time has come. We are again renewing half of our Coordinating Collective (CC), and all DiEM25 members are welcome to be candidates.

CC members coordinate our movement to ensure it remains a relevant and powerful force in the fight for people-power in Europe. Their responsibilities range from managing volunteer teams, planning and maintaining processes and deadlines, and developing and running strategies, policy-formation and political campaigns, to acting as political representatives of our common project.

DiEM25 is a feminist movement promoting gender balance in all its bodies, including the CC. At least 50% of CC members will be women. We also encourage people from all parts of Europe and beyond (given that almost all meetings are virtual), and from all walks of life to apply.

Do you have the time, experience and skill-set to coordinate our movement? Check out the requirements and the timeline here. You can submit your candidacy on the same page.

Timeline for the 2020 CC elections.

July 7: Call for CC candidacies

July 18: Page goes up, candidates can start to collect signatures, objections to candidacies can be filed, more people can still submit their candidacies

Aug 6: Final date to submit your candidacy

Aug 12: Final date to collect signatures (every candidate needs 20 signatures)

Aug 13: Voting starts

Aug 28: Last day to vote

Aug 29: Results are announced

DiEM25 members considering running for a CC position should take the following under consideration.

What are the requirements?

  1. The language in which CC meets, discusses and deliberates is English. Full fluency in English is therefore vital.
  2.  CC members work hard and, due to DiEM25’s present financial situation, for no monetary reward. Candidates therefore need to be prepared to dedicate a minimum of four hours per day to DiEM25-related work, mainly hands-on organising.
  3.  CC members, like all DiEMers, must identify with the manifesto and be ready to uphold our Organising Principles.
  4.  CC members must be very familiar with DiEM25’s policies and stances, in order to be able to represent them in the media, in talks with partners or at conferences.
  5.  CC members participate in at least one teleconference per week and must often travel to events on behalf of DiEM25 or to physical CC meetings. Travel is reimbursed.
  6.  If you are an active politician with an elected mandate, you cannot be a candidate or member of the CC unless the VC gives you an exemption. If you are a member of a political party, you must declare it in your application. Also if you become a member of a party while in the CC, you must inform the CC immediately.

How do I submit my candidacy?

You can submit your candidacies until August 6th. In order to qualify as a candidate, you must have been a member since at least June 1, 2020. Any members who joined after that date must wait for another round of elections.

DiEM25 particularly welcomes candidacies by people who have strong planning, organising and fundraising skills, people who live in countries not currently represented on the CC, or women and minorities.

Prospective candidates must provide the following as part of their application: a short statement, a description of their work for DiEM25, a description of their experience with hands-on coordinating work outside of DiEM25, a CV, a video message in English to fellow DiEM25 voters, and a scanned copy of an official ID or passport.

For more information on how to submit your candidacy, click here.

Interview with the CC.

After submitting your candidacy, the electoral commission will be in touch in order to do an interview, which is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the Coordinating Collective.

Collecting signatures.

Every candidate will have to collect at least 20 signatures from other members in order to appear on the ballot. In order to have DiEM25 co-workers and DiEM25 friends give their signature for you, you will need to direct them to go to the Candidates page in the Members Area between July 18 and August 12. There, they must click on your profile and then click “endorse”. New members with less than 3 months‘ membership cannot endorse anyone.

Submit your candidacy.

We hope to see your application!


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