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DiEM25 Launches #StopTheDeal Campaign to shatter EU-Turkey refugee pact


DiEM25 is helping to take the shameful EU-Turkey refugee deal to court, in a bid to save the life of one man and improve the lives of millions.

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The Refugees Through my Eyes


(By Dora Chalari / Production Assistant at SKAI TV for OTE TV) It might sound strange, but no, it isn’t. Last October, one of the largest ...

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An Austrian Refugee Teacher Says #let_them_in


Guest post by Robert Bigler About 14 months ago I met the first Syrian refugees in my hometown. It was a chance encounter which, however, would ...

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Noam Chomsky for the refugee crisis


In some countries, there is a real refugee crisis.  In Lebanon, for example, where perhaps one-quarter of the population consists of refugees ...

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DiEM25 Takes on Europe's Failed Response to the Inflow of Migrants and Refugees


DiEM25 chooses Vienna as the hotspot where European democrats will meet to address: The EU’s shameful response to the refugee crisis How a ...

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Press Statement: Condemning European Summit’s Preliminary Accord to Expel Refugees to Turkey


DiEM25, the Democracy in Europe Movement, strongly condemns the preliminary agreement reached during last night’s European Union Summit, ...

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If we don’t restore democracy in Europe, the consequences could be dire


Just before the nightmare of the second world war started to explode, the Italian politician and philosopher Antonio Gramsci famously wrote in ...

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