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EU migration: Achmed’s story


Europe's perverse refugee policy: create impossible barriers even for those who deserve protection unambiguously.

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Europe, is this your face to the world?


Europe’s migrants are being deported to conditions of torture, abuse, and incarceration – and Europe’s governments are complicit. Is this the ...

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Belgium debates suspending human rights with migrant search law


We condemn the Belgian government’s plans to restrict the human rights of private citizens providing food and shelter for refugees and migrants.

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Not to be forgotten: refugees still need us


There are thousands of refugees still needing our attention and solidarity as European and global institutions fail to provide basic help and support.

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A shame for Europe (and unfortunately for SYRIZA too)


The agreement between the EU and Turkey on refugees is one more example of how hypocrisy is becoming an integral part of how the EU deals with ...

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World Refugee Day


Winning votes by erecting fences and violating international law on refugees is the last resort of politicians ready to sacrifice their nation’s ...

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"Los refugiados: crisis de la democrácia europea"

"Refugees: a crisis of European democracy" in support of World Refugee Day


Organised by DiEM25 Barcelona DSC in collaboration with CCAR (Catalan Commission for Aid to Refugees).

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A tragic milestone in the EU’s treatment of refugees


Today is the one-year anniversary of the EU-Turkey deal on refugees that's tearing families apart, inflicting unnecessary suffering on people ...

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DiEM25 Launches Appeal to EU Institutions to #StopTheDeal


We call upon Europeans and their elected representatives to overrule the EU-Turkey Agreement and end the EU’s practice of sacrificing human ...

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